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Good grief, where’ve I been?

Uh, I guess at work, mostly. That's kind of a good excuse for not updating my blog, right? I got a job working at the local public library as the temporary youth services librarian, and it's pretty cool to be putting my very-nearly-completed degree to some use. And it's (mostly) pretty nice to be back… Continue reading Good grief, where’ve I been?

art projects

New painting, yay me!

I don't know why, but I'm managing to be so productive lately! I just have to be a little self-congratulatory-- not that it's necessarily all good stuff, but hey, at least it exists, right? It's all good practice, anyway... I think it's because I've been getting better at shutting up my inner critic and just… Continue reading New painting, yay me!

art projects

At the Window

I finished a new painting a couple of days ago...though I haven't had a chance to adjust the colors of the scan yet, so it's a bit off...but no one can tell that except me, so I guess it's okay for now! But what does it all mean, you ask? (...You didn't ask? Oh. Ahem.)… Continue reading At the Window