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New work and stuff

Hi! I've been doing stuff. 1. I'm a full-fledged librarian now - I finished my master's degree! And my temp job became permanent, so I actually found non-waiting-tables work right out of school. Even at half-time, I feel super, super lucky to have I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the new… Continue reading New work and stuff

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Good grief, where’ve I been?

Uh, I guess at work, mostly. That's kind of a good excuse for not updating my blog, right? I got a job working at the local public library as the temporary youth services librarian, and it's pretty cool to be putting my very-nearly-completed degree to some use. And it's (mostly) pretty nice to be back… Continue reading Good grief, where’ve I been?


Manuscript Submission Fail

I spent ages getting this submission ready and perfecting a beautiful cover letter and making sure everything was exactly right, and mailed it off the first week of January and then sat back to await my very first actual rejection letter (the last place I sent it to just doesn't respond at all if they… Continue reading Manuscript Submission Fail