art projects, work in progress

more sketches in the Orangutan series

NOTE as of 5/12/09: Where have all my pictures gone?! It's so aggravating. They've all just disappeared into the internet ether, and I see someone was viewing this screwed-up page just a couple of days ago, which must've looked totally lame. *sigh* So, uh, anyway, this note is to say, "coming soon," I guess? eh… Continue reading more sketches in the Orangutan series

art projects

“the philosopher”, all finished up (?)

Here's the scan of The Philosopher in His Chambers, the finished version (Or at least close to finished--I'm not 100% sure there won't be a bit more fiddling still): I like him...looking forward to getting his friends and acquaintances finished up! In the meantime, I'm also going to scan in a few of the other… Continue reading “the philosopher”, all finished up (?)