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Stuff from Ye Olde Sketchbooke.

I've been drawing every day most of the time, like every good little artist should, but for the last few months most of it has been for my book or my webcomic -- meaning I don't have a lot I can actually share just yet! But I'm trying to get in the habit of doing… Continue reading Stuff from Ye Olde Sketchbooke.

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Owen’s Uncles: A webcomic of TERROR

Okay not really. Unless you're very easily terrified. But if you're looking for a fun read appropriate for spooky fall evenings, check out my comic OWEN'S UNCLES! The first page is up today, and I'll be posting a page a day until Halloween, followed by updates every Friday after that! Check out the first page… Continue reading Owen’s Uncles: A webcomic of TERROR


Manuscript Submission Fail

I spent ages getting this submission ready and perfecting a beautiful cover letter and making sure everything was exactly right, and mailed it off the first week of January and then sat back to await my very first actual rejection letter (the last place I sent it to just doesn't respond at all if they… Continue reading Manuscript Submission Fail

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I think I dozed off and missed the summer.

I'm really not sure how it suddenly got to be almost September all of a sudden. So much for posting more regularly during the summer, huh? Well, I had a tough summer class, okay?! Sheesh! (And of course I'm addressing all the masses of people who've been awaiting new posts from me with bated breath.)… Continue reading I think I dozed off and missed the summer.

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just to prove that I’ve been working

Got to get some new art supplies yesterday and played around with them today--six new kinds of pen nibs! Very fun to try the different things that they all do best...some work well for fine lines, some are nice and flexible so you get lots of line variety and stuff. Here's a little bit of… Continue reading just to prove that I’ve been working

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I accomplished things!

Yay! I'm such a procrastinator, I just have to congratulate myself on doing what I planned on doing today. I did some sketching from the Muybridge book, worked on a scene for the animation I keep talking about doing, and wrote several pages of Owen's Uncles (poor Owen is no better off, though--if anything, he's… Continue reading I accomplished things!