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Old-fashioned people, lookin’ creepy

That's one of my favorite things! So I thought I'd share a bit of new work I just finished up on that subject :) It's based on an old photo of a family I ran across somewhere-- a perfectly normal, harmless-looking family, I should add. If anyone knows them, I apologize for making your ancestors… Continue reading Old-fashioned people, lookin’ creepy

art projects

At the Window

I finished a new painting a couple of days ago...though I haven't had a chance to adjust the colors of the scan yet, so it's a bit off...but no one can tell that except me, so I guess it's okay for now! But what does it all mean, you ask? (...You didn't ask? Oh. Ahem.)… Continue reading At the Window


Family Portrait

Got another new piece completed for the show I'm doing in November, so I thought I'd share it. I think this turned out kinda cool, and I had better luck with scanning it than usual, too, so yay. Plus I'm KIND OF getting the hang of seeing where the colors are off, and knowing what… Continue reading Family Portrait

art projects, pen and ink drawings

see, I don’t JUST do pen and ink

I'm getting ready for a show next month and hoping to get a bunch of new things finished for it; just got this one finished up last night & thought I'd share it. I would explain the story behind it, but everyone who has ever known a cat understands anyway... I wish the scan did… Continue reading see, I don’t JUST do pen and ink

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a new drawing

What a hectic couple of months! First getting ready to move away from foggy, cold Humboldt County, while dealing with finals at the same time; then actually moving (that was a hellish weekend, for sure); then summer classes started just a week after we moved into our new house. The good news is that the… Continue reading a new drawing

art projects, pen and ink drawings

News at last!

Yes, I've been kind of remiss lately, I know. Blogging is hard! I don't always have stuff to talk about, you know? When a day was nothing but working on library school assignments, there's not a lot of interest in it to tell other people about--I'm sparing you crippling boredom, honestly. And lately the main… Continue reading News at last!