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Stuff from Ye Olde Sketchbooke.

I've been drawing every day most of the time, like every good little artist should, but for the last few months most of it has been for my book or my webcomic -- meaning I don't have a lot I can actually share just yet! But I'm trying to get in the habit of doing… Continue reading Stuff from Ye Olde Sketchbooke.

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Owen’s Uncles: A webcomic of TERROR

Okay not really. Unless you're very easily terrified. But if you're looking for a fun read appropriate for spooky fall evenings, check out my comic OWEN'S UNCLES! The first page is up today, and I'll be posting a page a day until Halloween, followed by updates every Friday after that! Check out the first page… Continue reading Owen’s Uncles: A webcomic of TERROR

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The Haunted Serpent: Sneak peek!

Just going through some files on my computer that I haven't looked at in a while and came across an illustration for my (currently unpublished) middle grade novel The Haunted Serpent that I'd forgotten all about! That book has SO many illustrations (80 or something crazy like that...I forget/have blocked out exactly how many) that… Continue reading The Haunted Serpent: Sneak peek!

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My contribution to the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Project

Haven't been posting much lately because I've been keeping busy with some freelance illustration projects... One of my favorites was contributing an illustration to a coffee-table book celebrating the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Here's my piece: I felt so lucky that I was assigned to one of my favorite scenes… Continue reading My contribution to the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Project

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It’s called branding

I just noticed that someone found my blog because they were searching for "miserable pen and ink." Somehow my artwork has become associated with misery without me even trying. And here I think of it as whimsical! Perhaps Google's search algorithms know more about my state of mind than I do.   But merciful heavens,… Continue reading It’s called branding

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New illustrations!

See, didn't I say I'd be updating soon? It's so helpful to have a real workspace now--I love being able to go up to my studio and work and have everything organized and accessible... So in just the last few days I've gotten four things done that I'd been working on for months, which is… Continue reading New illustrations!

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The Silver Key

Just finished a new drawing last night, finally. It's been so hard to get time to work because it's that part of the semester when everything is due all at once, and it's really frustrating because I have a lot of ideas floating around that I wish I could work on--not to mention a story… Continue reading The Silver Key