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Shiny New Illustrations, with ICKY BUGS!

Thought I'd share a few illustrations from a new picture book I've been working on (click to view larger versions)... The first page is just a rough sketch-- when I'm working on illustrating a picture book I start by sketching out the full book to plan the page layouts. Then I do a few finished… Continue reading Shiny New Illustrations, with ICKY BUGS!


Favorite illustrators — Leo and Diane Dillon

Just been thinking a lot the past couple of weeks about the work of Leo and Diane Dillon and thought I'd share this link to an interview from 2000 with the two of them: Locus Magazine interview. It's a great read -- they talked a little about how they came up with their process of… Continue reading Favorite illustrators — Leo and Diane Dillon

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Started submitting illustration samples!

Finally.  It took HOURS fiddling with colors until my printer would produce copies that look SOMETHING like the originals, but I started mailing samples to publishers! Whew. It's such a long process -- made longer by me constantly chickening out and deciding I didn't have any pieces that were good enough to send out, doing… Continue reading Started submitting illustration samples!

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Good grief, where’ve I been?

Uh, I guess at work, mostly. That's kind of a good excuse for not updating my blog, right? I got a job working at the local public library as the temporary youth services librarian, and it's pretty cool to be putting my very-nearly-completed degree to some use. And it's (mostly) pretty nice to be back… Continue reading Good grief, where’ve I been?

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guinea pigs and lettuce and rabbits, oh my!

I'm working on too many projects right now, so that nothing actually gets done, but I've made some progress on one thing that I thought I'd post... I have a picture book called "The Lettuce Rancher" that I'm getting ready to submit to publishers, and right now I'm doing a bunch of sketches to lay… Continue reading guinea pigs and lettuce and rabbits, oh my!