Quote of the Day (…is that a thing I do now?)

"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. That is where they should be. Now put foundations under them." --Henry David Thoreau Isn't that a cool thought? I feel like that's exactly where I am in my life right now... Makes you feel better to have Thoreau endorse your… Continue reading Quote of the Day (…is that a thing I do now?)


Family Portrait

Got another new piece completed for the show I'm doing in November, so I thought I'd share it. I think this turned out kinda cool, and I had better luck with scanning it than usual, too, so yay. Plus I'm KIND OF getting the hang of seeing where the colors are off, and knowing what… Continue reading Family Portrait

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see, I don’t JUST do pen and ink

I'm getting ready for a show next month and hoping to get a bunch of new things finished for it; just got this one finished up last night & thought I'd share it. I would explain the story behind it, but everyone who has ever known a cat understands anyway... I wish the scan did… Continue reading see, I don’t JUST do pen and ink

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I think I dozed off and missed the summer.

I'm really not sure how it suddenly got to be almost September all of a sudden. So much for posting more regularly during the summer, huh? Well, I had a tough summer class, okay?! Sheesh! (And of course I'm addressing all the masses of people who've been awaiting new posts from me with bated breath.)… Continue reading I think I dozed off and missed the summer.


Six Years Ago…

I just found out that it was six years ago today that Mr. Rogers passed away and now I'm sad! I only found out because I was just over at Rifftrax (Rifftrax is what some of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys--Bill Corbett, Mike Nelson, and Kevin Murpy--are doing now [for me those three are… Continue reading Six Years Ago…


finished moving…

I had to move all of my posts from Sitekreator by hand because I couldn't find a way to export them... It was a pain, but I think it was worth it--I really like WordPress's blog features (still like the rest of my site on Sitekreator better, though, so there it stays). So here I… Continue reading finished moving…


fun links!

This is the cutest thing...I am undoubtedly totally late to the party here, it's prolly really old, but I hadn't seen it before. Check it out: Austenbook I love this one: "Kitty Bennet became a fan of Officers" -- hee! But now I need to re-read Pride and Prejudice... Oh, and after I tracked the… Continue reading fun links!


two interesting blogs about writing

Just stumbled on two interesting blogs that i wanted to post links to so I remember to follow them... I was reading Cleolinda when I should be doing schoolwork (putting off the 20-page paper I need to finish up), and followed a link to this blog entry about what-not-to-do as an aspiring writer--pretty funny story!… Continue reading two interesting blogs about writing


another neat site to keep an eye on

Just stumbled across this while supposed to be doing schoolwork, so I haven't had time to take as close a look as I'd like, but I'll definitely be going back! So here's the link so I don't lose it: She has all kindsa nifty tips on using polymer clays like Fimo and Sculpey, among… Continue reading another neat site to keep an eye on