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Update on submitting manuscripts/portfolio

You know, just to see it in writing to motivate myself, I thought I'd record where we are with this goal: NOWHERE. Yeah, that's right, Go Me. I turned totally wimpy and have not submitted a thing. Not even just sending my URL to art directors that let you submit your stuff that way. Isn't… Continue reading Update on submitting manuscripts/portfolio

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more sketches in the Orangutan series

NOTE as of 5/12/09: Where have all my pictures gone?! It's so aggravating. They've all just disappeared into the internet ether, and I see someone was viewing this screwed-up page just a couple of days ago, which must've looked totally lame. *sigh* So, uh, anyway, this note is to say, "coming soon," I guess? eh… Continue reading more sketches in the Orangutan series

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new idea

Just wanted to get this down somewhere before I forget about it-- I don't have time to work on anything right now because library school is turning out to be EXTREMELY time-consuming, so I have to write any ideas I have down until I can work on them at some point... Of course, that only… Continue reading new idea


another goal to keep in mind

Haven't worked on this one yet, but I want to write it down so I'll feel guilty every time I see this and think about not getting anything done on it... I've been reading about how to submit picture books, and I need to make a dummy for the Lettuce Rancher; now I know how… Continue reading another goal to keep in mind