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It’s called branding

I just noticed that someone found my blog because they were searching for "miserable pen and ink." Somehow my artwork has become associated with misery without me even trying. And here I think of it as whimsical! Perhaps Google's search algorithms know more about my state of mind than I do.   But merciful heavens,… Continue reading It’s called branding

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Work in progress

Here is a thingie I've been working on for just ever and ever, it seems like, and since it seems to be on the road to never actually being finished I thought I'd just post a (terrible) photo of it in progress. This is one of the times where I've set myself the task of… Continue reading Work in progress

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New work and stuff

Hi! I've been doing stuff. 1. I'm a full-fledged librarian now - I finished my master's degree! And my temp job became permanent, so I actually found non-waiting-tables work right out of school. Even at half-time, I feel super, super lucky to have I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the new… Continue reading New work and stuff