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My contribution to the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Project

Haven't been posting much lately because I've been keeping busy with some freelance illustration projects... One of my favorites was contributing an illustration to a coffee-table book celebrating the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Here's my piece: I felt so lucky that I was assigned to one of my favorite scenes… Continue reading My contribution to the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Project

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Just a new (not really that new, actually, just forgot to post it before) painting to share. Mostly did this one just to mess around with watercolors and play with letting the colors bleed into each other and stuff. I'm normally such a control-freak with my artwork (hence the super-detailed anal retentive ink drawings) that… Continue reading Mermaid

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Monkey and Bear

Ta-da, new illustration! This one is for a song by Joanna Newsom called -- you'd never guess by the title of my post --  "Monkey and Bear." It's, um...kind of a folk-y, ballad-y story-song sort of thing that I just love, and since it does tell such a vivid, weird story I thought it would… Continue reading Monkey and Bear