Autosave Hell and other Writers’ Pet Peeves

via My top 6 writing pet peeves I just have to share this fantastic guest post by Amy Karian. It made me feel so much less alone! I didn't know that other writers have that thing happen where you've got three characters in a scene, and somehow the third one just...slides out of existence. (Amy… Continue reading Autosave Hell and other Writers’ Pet Peeves

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It’s here! The Haunted Serpent COVER REVEAL!

It's finally time-- I can show off the cover for The Haunted Serpent! I've been waiting FOREVERRRR (okay, several months, anyway): Ta-da! I'm also super excited about the copy my publisher came up with for the jacket flap: "Spaulding Meriwether just wants to make friends at his new middle school, but sharing his theories about… Continue reading It’s here! The Haunted Serpent COVER REVEAL!

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News and Such.

Wow, why am I so bad about posting regularly? Trick question--I have no idea! Okay, so as always, I'm resolving to post more faithfully. Here is my current news to get the ball rolling: Let's start with a visual aid! Here's thing I just made: I painted it on my beautiful new Surface! I've been… Continue reading News and Such.

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Owen’s Uncles: A webcomic of TERROR

Okay not really. Unless you're very easily terrified. But if you're looking for a fun read appropriate for spooky fall evenings, check out my comic OWEN'S UNCLES! The first page is up today, and I'll be posting a page a day until Halloween, followed by updates every Friday after that! Check out the first page… Continue reading Owen’s Uncles: A webcomic of TERROR

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The Haunted Serpent: Sneak peek!

Just going through some files on my computer that I haven't looked at in a while and came across an illustration for my (currently unpublished) middle grade novel The Haunted Serpent that I'd forgotten all about! That book has SO many illustrations (80 or something crazy like that...I forget/have blocked out exactly how many) that… Continue reading The Haunted Serpent: Sneak peek!


Sooo, about NaNoWriMo 2015…

I've been meaning to post an update about my NaNoWriMo experience for weeks. This is definitely not what I was expecting I'd be saying come December, but.... I won! I wrote a first draft of a whole novel in a month. (I'm just writing it all out like that because I'm still having a hard… Continue reading Sooo, about NaNoWriMo 2015…

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Read This: 45 Pounds (More or Less)

Just finished reading a fun new YA book and thought I'd share a recommendation: 45 Pounds (More or Less), by K.A. Barson (Viking Juvenile, July 2013) Ann Galardi is a 16-year-old girl who has struggled with her weight in one way or another her whole life -- sometimes struggling to lose it, sometimes struggling not… Continue reading Read This: 45 Pounds (More or Less)

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Writer’s Digest “Dear Lucky Agent” contest — Many Will Enter, Few Will Win!!

I always wondered why commercials for contests when I was a kid always said that about many entering, few winning... I mean, was that supposed to be motivational, somehow? "Your odds suck, kid!" That always talked me right out of trying. I think it was kind of a downer message in general, really -- "A… Continue reading Writer’s Digest “Dear Lucky Agent” contest — Many Will Enter, Few Will Win!!


Manuscript Submission Fail

I spent ages getting this submission ready and perfecting a beautiful cover letter and making sure everything was exactly right, and mailed it off the first week of January and then sat back to await my very first actual rejection letter (the last place I sent it to just doesn't respond at all if they… Continue reading Manuscript Submission Fail

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I think I dozed off and missed the summer.

I'm really not sure how it suddenly got to be almost September all of a sudden. So much for posting more regularly during the summer, huh? Well, I had a tough summer class, okay?! Sheesh! (And of course I'm addressing all the masses of people who've been awaiting new posts from me with bated breath.)… Continue reading I think I dozed off and missed the summer.